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Sample tracks from the album Whatever Next?

Band line-up:
Phil Todd, tenor and soprano saxes
Frank Ricotti, vibes and percussion
John Paricelli, guitar
Brian Miller, piano, keyboards and synthesizer
Chris Laurence, double bass
Trevor Barry, electric bass
Paul Robinson, drums (tracks 4,5,6,7,8,10)
Les Cirkel, drums (tracks 1,2,3,9)

1 Let's Just Pretend it's 1960
2 Whatever Next?
3 Whatever Next? part 2
4 The Laughing Moon
5 It's Simple Enough
6 Mrs M
7 Dark Though Sun shines
8 Off Kilter
9 Faint Hope
10   It Sort of Does

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The piano is ideal as background to dinner parties or receptions as well as being an integral voice in bands/ensembles for parties and dances.

Brian performs as a solo artist and often leads his own duos, trios and large units.

Selection of mp3 audio samples

Solo I Remember You
Duo Emily (with Bob Sydor, sax)
Solo The Nearness Of You
Quartet Blue Bossa (with Bob Sydor, flute & Jeff Clyne, bass)
Piano/vocals Sunshine Of My Life


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